Ramey Automotive donates car to blood donor

Good News Notes:

COVID-19 did not stop Ramey Automotive from awarding blood donors this year.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, giving blood this year was more important than ever.

Amanda Cash, the account manager for the American Red Cross said she believes seeing this first hand led to more people being willing to donate.

‘We’ve seen a huge turn out, people are just so much more willing this year to try to help save lives just to try to help get this pandemic a little more controlled,’ said Cash.

The American Red Cross also offered COVID-19 antibody tests this summer, which could have also led to a larger turnout.

While these were all incentives to give blood this summer.

Brandon Tegeler, the donor who won the car, said he was surprised to win because giving blood is something he feels is important and has done for many years.

‘I gave blood ever since I was in high school, and every time I could,’ said Tegeler. ‘I love to do it plus it saves lives; I didn’t even know they were giving away a car.’

The car giveaway is something Ramey has done year after year to encourage people to give because of how important it is to the community.”

View the whole story here: https://wvva.com/2020/09/19/ramey-automotive-donates-car-to-blood-donor/

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