Woolworths’ New Recyclable Meat Trays Uses 75 Percent Less Plastic

Good News Notes:

“With a focus on reducing plastics, Woolworths is focused on sustainability. The company has introduced recyclable paper meat trays. Woolworths will use the trays for its Specially Selected and Grass-Fed beef ranges. The new tray has 75 percent less plastic than prior packaging, which equals a 2.2-ton reduction in plastic yearly.

In addition to the paper packaging, the film covering and lining the trays can also be recycled through the REDcycle bins located at every Woolworths store.

Over the past two years, Woolworths’ sustainable packaging program has led to 1,320 tons of plastic being removed from in-store bakeries and produce departments.”

View the whole story here: https://www.waste360.com/sustainability/woolworths-new-recyclable-meat-trays-uses-75-percent-less-plastic

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