Suzuki’s motorboat filter gobbles up microplastics

Good News Notes:

Suzuki Motor has created an attachment for its boat motors that collects microplastics, a major source of pollution in the world’s oceans and waterways, the company said Thursday, adding that the device was the first of its kind.

The Japanese company plans to launch the collector as an optional add-on next year, and could eventually turn it into a standard feature. The push is part of the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project, a company initiative to tackle plastic waste.

‘This is something we can do together to protect our oceans, lakes and rivers so that future generations can enjoy them,’ Suzuki of America President Max Yamamoto said in a statement.

The device is designed to fit on outboard motors that are 40 horsepower and higher. Outboard motors pump up water to cool the engines. The new device filters the water for microplastics before pumping it back out. It can be installed easily and will not affect the motors’ ability to run, as it filters the water only after it has cooled the engines.”

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