Woman shares backstory to her viral happy dance

Good News Notes:

It’s a moment captured on camera that speaks a thousand words and it’s given a world dealing with a pandemic something to smile about.

The video shows a young woman leaving an interview, and thinking no one is around, does her own happy dance that was caught on surveillance cameras.

‘When I got outside I didn’t know that the cameras caught me,’ said Kayallah Jones.

Kallayah has been homeless for two years and lost a number of jobs due to the pandemic. That all changed on September 29.

Dakara Spence is the manager of The Spot in Decatur. During the interview Dakara said she saw something special in Kallayah.

‘She had a great energy I felt it as soon as she walked in she seemed really positive,’ said Dakara.”

View the whole story here: https://www.cbs46.com/news/woman-shares-backstory-to-her-viral-happy-dance/article_9a1def36-0454-11eb-ab7d-776a745b4c77.html

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