Giro Pack focuses on sustainable packaging and use of plastic

Good News Notes:

Giro Pack Inc. is rethinking plastic in terms reducing it, and optimizing its use in each package it manufactures to reduce overall environmental effects.

The company already offers reduced plastic options through its Standard and Light programs, which highlight the recyclability and ratio of product to packaging used (Standard) and lighter/reduced material in packaging (Light).

The company also offers 100% compostable mesh bags and labels.

‘The demand and request for more sustainable packaging is off the charts throughout the industry,’ Nate Fudge, West Coast sales representative, said in a news release. ‘ … Most of our clients and partners are moving towards reducing the plastic in their packaging, which provides a savings in packaging costs, and satisfies many market initiatives to reduce plastics.’

Other initiatives include direct printing on packages to reduce use of adhesive labels, and mono-product packaging.”

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