Unexpected arrival for plane passengers as baby born in middle of flight

Good News Notes:

“Flight attendants helped deliver the infant who ‘cried mid-air’ on Wednesday night’s IndiGo flight from Delhi to Bengaluru.

In a statement, the airline confirmed the new arrival was a baby boy.

The crew were praised for their ‘amazing team work’ and were assisted by a senior gynaecologist who was serendipitously on the flight.

‘Was on @IndiGo6E 6E 122 flight to BLR, woman gives birth mid-indiair, amazing team work of indigo flight attendants,’ tweeted fellow passenger Prabhu Stavarmath.

“They setup a hospital in minutes and the new born cried mid-air. Dr Shailaja Vallabhani was fortunately on this flight!

‘Thank you God and entire @IndiGo6E crew.'”

View the whole story here: https://news.sky.com/story/woman-gives-birth-prematurely-to-baby-boy-on-flight-12099509

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