Photos of endangered animals raise funding for relief projects

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The cheetah is the world’s most endangered large cat. There are only 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild, mainly in Africa. Outside of Africa, once cheetahs were prevalent throughout many countries in Asia, they are now only found in Iran, where their numbers have dwindled to around 50. In India, the cheetah has been extinct for 60 years.

As well as being trafficked as a pet or killed for fur or body parts, cheetahs are impacted by habitat loss, conflict with humans and high-density tourism.

The book Remembering Cheetahs features over 70 images of these beautiful animals by many of the world’s best wildlife photographers. It has been dedicated to a team of cheetah researchers in Iran who have been jailed for ‘spying’ after using camera traps to try to capture images of the elusive Asian cheetah.

To coincide with the book’s launch, an online exhibition of all the images is running until Saturday 24 October.

The book is the fifth in the Remembering Wildlife series, which was set up by Margot Raggett after seeing a poached elephant in 2014 in Kenya. She then spent six months persuading the world’s best wildlife photographers to donate an image for a book, Remembering Elephants, to raise money to fight poaching.

Since then, books in the Remembering Wildlife series have donated £638,000 to 47 conservation projects in 23 countries.”

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