Amcor Designs Lightest 900-ml PET Bottle for Brazil

Good News Notes:

Lightweighting of packaging continues apace, as companies seek higher efficiencies in plastics processing and greater sustainability. Amcor in Ann Arbor, MI, a global developer and producer of packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and other products, has developed the lightest 900-ml PET bottle for a customer in Brazil.

The custom-designed container for agribusiness and food producer Bunge, based in Sao Paulo, is 22% lighter than competitive bottles while providing greater productivity and increased sustainability benefits. The new bottle for Bunge’s oleo de soja Soya brand represents Amcor’s entry into the edible oil market in Brazil. The new PET container is resealable, reusable, and “infinitely recyclable” with existing technologies, including chemical recycling.”

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