Plastic makers applaud Governor Wolf for making less plastic and more jobs

Good News Notes:

Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill into law Wednesday, which enables greater adoption of advanced plastics recycling and creates American jobs.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) welcomed the legislation and issued a statement saying ‘It will help Pennsylvania attract new recycling businesses and support job creation, while keeping more plastic out of landfills and, instead, turning them into valuable new materials and products.’

Successful recycling infrastructure already exists for plastics labeled Nos. 1-2, such as soda bottles and milk jugs. These new advanced recycling operations are focused on plastics Nos. 3-7, such as candy wrappers, bags and packaging, which are a burden on municipal recycling programs because they cannot be recycled in the existing mechanical recycling infrastructure.

Pennsylvania becomes the ninth state to pass such legislation since 2017 joing the likes of Florida, Wisconsin, Georgia, Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, and Ohio.”

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