Dove Launches its First Refillable Deodorant in Effort to Cut Plastic Use

Good News Notes:

Dove has launched its first refillable deodorant in an effort to tackle the global plastic waste crisis. Dove has worked with international campaign group A Plastic Planet to revolutionize its use of materials.

Shoppers will now be able to select a Dove stainless steel refillable deodorant case at Target and Walmart stores across America. Shoppers then buy Dove deodorant refills when they need them. According to Dove, these refills use some 54% less plastic than regular Dove Zero stick packaging. Of the plastic that is used, 98% is made from recycled content. The intention is to reduce this further as material innovation progresses.

Made from stainless-steel, the deodorant keeps the use of raw materials to a minimum.”

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