Stunning footage shows firefighter rescue dog from burning barn

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“Lucky dog.

Dramatic first-person footage shows the moment a firefighter broke down a window to save an adorable pooch from a burning barn in Pennsylvania.

In the daring rescue Saturday, firefighter Ryan Balmer’s helmet camera captures the dog — which appears to be a black lab — frantically barking and trapped in the flame-engulfed building in Warwick Township, according to KCTV5.

‘Come on, buddy!,’ Balmer shouts, trying to encourage the pup to jump out the first-floor window.

But when the frightened dog wouldn’t jump, Balmer busts through the window himself, climbs inside and lifts the pet to safety.

‘I was hoping [the dog] was going to jump out the window,’ Balmer, of the Lititz Fire Company, told the local station. 

‘It didn’t want to. It kinda got scared and ran back in. So at that point then I made the decision to bust the window out, climb in, and help the dog out.’

Once free, the pooch promptly scampers over to his owner, who is waiting near the barn, the footage shows.”

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