Modesto Firefighters Rescue Man in Burning Dumpster Enclosure

Good News Notes:

The Modesto Fire Department early Friday morning saved a man who was locked inside a burning dumpster enclosure in south Modesto.

A bread delivery driver called 911 around 1:15 a.m. when he spotted the fire at a strip mall on Crows Landing Road, south of Glenn Avenue, and heard a man yelling for help, said Battalion Chief Darin Jesberg.

He said crews on Engine 10 were on their way back from a fire in Ceres so they happened to be only a few blocks away when the call came out.

When the crew arrived, the dumpster enclosure was well involved in fire. They could hear the man screaming for help through the crack between the large door hinges.

One firefighter began putting water on the fire while the rest of the crew cut the chain and lock on the door and pulled the man out.”

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