Marcus Daniell Pledges 10% Of Winnings To Charity For Life

Good News Notes:

Marcus Daniell hit a booming ace off the court this week — for charity.

The Kiwi announced that starting in 2021, he will donate at least 10 per cent of his annual winnings to effective charity organisations for the rest of his life.

‘I take deep pleasure in knowing that every success I have in my working life will ultimately end up saving or changing lives,’ Daniell said.

Daniell on 30 November 2020 launched High Impact Athletes, an organisation whose purpose is to channel charitable donations to the most effective, evidence-based charities in the world, specifically in the fields of extreme poverty and environmental impact. The doubles player has now taken his efforts to another level.

In an article he wrote on the High Impact Athletes website, Daniell explained the rationale behind his decision through eight points. One of those explains why committing to donate 10 per cent of his income is ‘really not scary at all’.

‘I don’t need a fancy car or an expensive watch or even an extra barista-made coffee each day to be happy,’ Daniell said. ‘Donating that 10 per cent is not going to decrease my happiness, but it is going to make thousands of lives a whole lot better.’” 

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