Vuori Vows to Help Eliminate Plastic Waste From Oceans

Good News Notes:

Vuori, the California-based activewear brand, is committed to keeping the oceans clean. So it is partnering with CleanHub, a company dedicated to freeing the planet from plastic pollution, to calculate its plastic usage and invest in programs to remove an equal or larger amount from the environment.

In a blog post on the brand’s website, founder and chief executive officer Joe Kudla said Vuori believes “clean oceans are critical to the happiness and health of people and the planet.” So the brand will eliminate the majority of its plastic garment bags by packaging its products with a roll, pack and tie method. Any remaining garment bags will now be made from recycled materials. By 2022, “we’re on track to eliminate 80 percent of plastics from our shipping and supply chain,” he wrote.

By the end of this year, Vuori is projecting that its efforts will lead to the prevention of waste from 1.2 million plastic bags. In September, Vuori revealed it had achieved Climate Neutral Certified status.”

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