“Christ born of Mary” inscription found in ancient church in Israel

Good News Notes:

As Jesus was about to enter Jerusalem, days before his crucifixion, crowds hailed his arrival, crying out, ‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.’

Some Pharisees on hand didn’t like that and asked him, ‘Rebuke your disciples.’

To which Jesus responded, ‘I tell you, if they keep silent, the stones will cry out!’

Some 2,000 years later, a stone was unearthed in Taiba, in northern Israel, that indeed seems to cry out. Unveiled this week, it contains the Greek inscription, “Christ, born of Mary.”

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Wednesday that the inscription was engraved at the entrance of a building from the Byzantine or early Islamic period. The stone was discovered in a secondary use in an ornately decorated building. 

View the whole story here: https://aleteia.org/2021/01/20/christ-born-of-mary-inscription-found-in-ancient-church-in-israel/

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