Carroll County dog teaches kids kindness in new book

Good News Notes:

A Carroll County dog is teaching kids about acceptance, through a new book all about her. She may look a little different, but Pihu is a rescue dog living a full life despite a few challenges.

Just like any dog, Pihu is always ready for her morning walk. But it’s how she gets around that really sets her apart

Pihu is on wheels because she’s a double amputee. Jill Trail from Union Bridge adopted Pihu from India. She’s a daisy dog, which means street dog. And she’s a lucky dog. She was rescued after being hit by a car and suffered spinal damage.

‘Actually, like, three fractures in her back. As a result, she couldn’t use her legs,’ Trail said.

Pihu had one leg amputated in India and one in Carroll County.

‘The decision was made to remove the second hind leg because it literally hindered what mobility she had,’ Trail said.”

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