3 dogs lost during Fultondale tornado found safe

Good News Notes:

The house the Jordan-Vice family once made a home is now only foundation and rubble.

Following a tornado that swept through Fultondale Monday night, a family lost their three dogs, but has now found them safe.

‘I mean – the whole house is gone,’ Brittany Vice said.

Vice and her family were forced to squeeze in and shelter together in a bathtub holding onto one another for their lives. That nightmare was their reality Monday night when the deadly EF-3 tornado ripped their house, and many others, from the ground.

‘I didn’t see anything,’ Vice said. ‘I was just tucked staring at my baby the whole time. Because if I moved, sheet rock and everything would fall on her.’

They’re a household of five – Vice and Jordan, their two children – Jessie, 5 and Hallie ~3 months, and Vice’s mom – plus, their three dogs.

That night, only the humans were accounted for once the family was forced to flee from their roofless home and shelter in Vice’s mom’s Ford focus. They left the property that night, just thankful to be alive. But then they remembered something.

‘We realized that we left the dogs out,’ Chris Jordan said.

‘We woke up bawling.’ Vice responded.

‘ I literally fell to my knees,’ Jordan continued. ‘We were expecting to not find them or find them in rubble.’”

View the whole story here: https://www.cbs42.com/news/3-dogs-lost-during-fultondale-tornado-found-safe/

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