Community rallies in support of student fighting cancer

Good News Notes:

A Concordia teen fighting cancer received a caravan of support Saturday morning. Words of encouragement were heard and seen through Jeff Freed’s hospital window.

You would normally see pom-pom’s and the school mascot at one of his football games, but right now the high school senior is playing defense against testicular cancer.

‘It has started to spread throughout Jeff’s body, fortunately they were able to get him in and get him into surgery,’ Freed’s football coach, Jordan Echer, said.

Freed started his first round of chemotherapy Saturday.

To get his spirit up, Freed’s teammates, friends and classmates met in the weight room of Concordia High School Saturday morning, to make signs of support. Then, they loaded up their cars and hit the road toward Salina.

They cheered from the top of the Salina Regional Health Center’s parking garage and FaceTimed him as he watched through the hospital window.”

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