St. Jude patient from Ballard County, Kentucky, in remission from leukemia

Good News Notes:

Earlier this month, we introduced you to Hudson Pace, a Ballard County sixth-grader who’s battling leukemia. We’re happy to tell you that Hudson’s family says he is in remission!

They announced it on their Facebook page, Healing 4 Hudson. His mom, Heather, says Hudson has a long treatment to complete, but they are so thankful for that treatment they’re getting at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

So many local families tell the same kind of stories about St. Jude, which makes the St. Jude Dream Home all the more important.

A lot’s going to happen at the site of the next Dream Home in Paddock at the Oaks between now and Aug. 22. That’s the date we’ll be giving away the 2021 Dream Home.”

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