Family Promise continues helping homeless families back on their feet

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Affordable housing can be a challenge to find in Gainesville. Family Promise of Gainesville held a wellness fair Friday to celebrate families they have helped.

When Shanti Broadie moved from Pennsylvania to Gainesville, she had housing set up. But after just one month, she was looking again.

“I was basically homeless,” said Broadie. “We were staying in a hotel, I was working two jobs and we were barely able to make it.”

She has four kids, and the oldest is 10. Without Family Promise, Broadie says she could have lost them.

“For staying in a hotel for so long people called DCS, which I think is what they call it down here. I was really worried about my kids. I was taking them back and forth to school we were walking so it was just a mess.”

And Broadie’s story is just one of the 85 families, Family Promise helped put into permanent housing in the past year.

“They have helped with everything,” said Broadie. “I could almost cry because this program has been amazing to me and my kids.”

“We’re proud of the fact that when we work with families they stay housed,” said Family Promise Executive Director Jayne Moraski. “This way they don’t have to come back and use services because they are self-sufficient on their own.”

Broadie says she and her kids are now in an apartment with the first 3 months already paid. A relief for her as she pulls her life back together…..”

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