Foster + Partners Unveils Multi-Generational, Sustainable Quarter In Bangkok

Good News Notes:

“located on the outskirts of bangkok, thailand, ‘the forestias’ by foster + partners, takes shape as a new residential-led masterplan with a large forest as a focal point. the project approaches the coexistence between contemporary city life and the template of traditional thai houses, promoting flexible community spaces focused on the idea of well-being. in an attempt to provide a model for healthier and happier urban living in thailand, the project encourages multi-generational family co-living and reconnecting with nature.

the complete expansion, designed by foster + partners through its local entity F&P ltd., is dedicated to smart city systems, including autonomous vehicles, smart meters, and sensor networks. the site is divided into two zones; the northern areas include more city-level public functions, while the larger southern part is primarily residential in nature. situated at the heart of the site, the forest determines the development, describing connections between the built and natural surroundings that are formed in a harmonious way. the built zone is submerged in green areas, providing an escape into a metropolitan retreat.

the forest pavilion serves as an ‘experience centre’ unveiling the vision of the project’s concept. the structure, including a canopy walk, takes shape as an elevated platform stretching into the forest, enabling visitors to reconnect with nature. furthermore, it functions as a joint of the public northern zone with the southern residential……”

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