Veteran firefighter becomes hero after battling apartment fire

Good News Notes:

On May 13, Lt. Solomon Forbes was at his home with his children preparing for his son’s baseball game. A neighbor knocked on his door and said the apartment next door to him was on fire. As a 14-year veteran with the fire department, Forbes got his children out safely and then jumped into action.

“The next thing I did I got everybody out of each unit. The neighbors helped us get everybody out. I made everybody move their cars back, because I knew the firetrucks had to come in and set up a certain position,” said Forbes.

Forbes said he then grabbed a fire extinguisher and went into the burning units to try and help.

“I made it halfway into the house. When I turned the corner, I knew that fire extinguisher wasn’t going to do anything. The heat was so intense. I waited on my brothers to pull up, and I assisted them as soon as they pulled up,” said Forbes.

Forbes said he has received an abundance of support and aid from administration, the union president and his fire station family since the fire….”

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