‘manta’ by seacleaners is a giant sailboat on the attack of oceanic plastic pollution

Good News Notes:

“recently introduced by seacleaners, ‘manta’ is a giant hybrid sailboat created to reinforce the battle against oceanic plastic pollution. this first-of-a-kind processing ship is designed to collect, treat and repurpose large numbers of plastic debris floating in polluted waters, along the coasts, in estuaries, and in the mouths of large rivers. relying primarily on renewable energy sources, like solar, the deep-sea vessel is eco-friendly and able to cross the oceans, intervening rapidly wherever it’s needed.

thanks to its biomimetic design, hybrid propulsion system, and power supply from renewable energy sources, ‘manta’ by seacleaners will operate 75% of the time autonomously, without the use of fossil fuels, and with a minimal environmental footprint. the high-tech catamaran is expected to extract between 5,000 and 10,000 tons of floating plastic each year, being able to not only collect marine plastic waste, but to process and repurpose it as well. …”

View the whole story here and the video as well: https://www.designboom.com/technology/manta-giant-sailboat-attack-oceanic-plastic-pollution-06-01-2021/

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