Sony evolves sustainable packaging from bamboo sugarcane+recycled paper

Good News Notes: 

sony reveals a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging material made from bamboo, sugar cane fiber, and post-consumer recycled paper. cases, outer box, inner box, and protection pads can entirely be made of ‘original blended material’, a recyclable, durable, and long-lasting paper material produced without plastic and coloring. by changing the blending analogy, its body can be transformed into multiple shapes guaranteeing a broad variety of uses, while incorporating characters into the design can be embossed, avoiding the use of ink.

sony has developed this material for the packaging of WF-1000XM4 headphones, while the company aims to use it in the future for a wider range of products. ‘original blended material’ utilizes bamboo that is cultivated in three mountains in the guizhou province, china, and is a different type of this one that serves as a food source by pandas. only the necessary amount is sorted and cut down to ensure the entire bamboo mountains preserving a sustainable growing cycle and reducing the impact on nature….”

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