Saco River Wildlife Center ready to expand to continue rehabbing sick, injured animals

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Six years after opening, the Saco River Wildlife Center in Limington has grown so much it is preparing for a major expansion.

The wildlife center rehabilitates more than 1,000 animals each year, compared to 20 in its first year of operation.

“What we would do here, we would focus on the animals in the most need, and the ones that not many people wanted to do, and I’ve always had a love and passion for animals,” founder Bethany Brown said.

Brown said the Saco River Wildlife Center has focused on rehabbing animals that potentially carry rabies, including porcupines, foxes and raccoons.

“If people would look at these animals the way everybody here does, they’re funny, they’re curious, they’re little troublemakers, but they can be really, really fun to have around,” Brown said.

Now, the center has too many animals to care for.

“This year alone, we have doubled our intake,” Director of Development Lauren Kennedy said.

For six years, the wildlife center has operated out of Brown’s basement. Thanks to a successful $150,000 capital campaign, planning is underway to expand.

“We do a lot of procedures here, but there are some procedures we can’t, but with the new facility, we can do more medical procedures here,” Brown said.

Brown said she is committed to saving as many animals as possible, because in many cases, humans are the reason the animals need rehabilitation…..”

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