Jacksonville man close to completing 11,500-mile bike journey to raise money for cancer nonprofit

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A Jacksonville man is riding roughly 11,500 miles across the country to raise money for cancer.

Greg Taylor left the River City more than four months ago.

“The trip has been unbelievable,” said Taylor. “You know, you try to put into words everything and just the magnitude that it’s been to be able to see live, it’s impossible.”

Taylor has been documenting his trip on his Instagram. He has biked through several states coast-to-coast, including California, Texas, Montana and Maine.

He said the biggest challenge has been the mental aspect of the ride.

“Honestly, I’m at a point where my body doesn’t really get a choice and it’s pretty used to what I’m asking it to do but being able to stay dedicated through some times that weren’t so great,” explained Taylor. “That whole mindset adaptation, at the beginning that was extremely challenging. There were some close to quitting days, and now it’s pretty locked in so I like how I’ve grown mentally for sure.”

But despite this challenge, Taylor has kept going.

“I really do feel excellent heading home,” said Taylor.

Taylor has peddled roughly 10,000 miles so far. He is currently in the Northeast, making his way down the East Coast back to the River City….”

View the whole story here: https://www.news4jax.com/positively-jax/2021/06/27/jacksonville-man-close-to-completing-11500-mile-bike-journey-to-raise-money-for-cancer-nonprofit/

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