Roche Diagnostics India launches mobile app to alleviate emotional and mental health burden of healthcare workers

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Roche Diagnostics India has launched REACH, a wellness platform developed to support the mental health of healthcare professionals. When the world is fighting COVID-19 Pandemics, Frontline Healthcare Professionals (HCWs) are one of the most vulnerable groups at mental risk. According to the company’s statement, health problems.

REACH has announced that it aims to provide front-line workers with advice and assistance from professional counselors and access to customized self-care content to support emotional well-being.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, healthcare professionals have realized they are in the midst of turmoil and panic, yet continue to provide unwavering support to their patients. These long-term stresses have made the community of health care workers vulnerable to short-term and long-term mental health implications, he said.

“REACH is an initiative that helps healthcare professionals effectively address life’s challenges and challenges. Through REACH, healthcare professionals receive counseling sessions, self-help content (useful videos, articles, habit hacks, guides). With access to meditation videos) and self-assessment tools on a variety of topics such as work-related tasks, child-rearing, and relationship issues. Health and self-help. Currently, the REACH platform offers clinicians, nurses, and others. It is open to all healthcare professionals, including laboratory professionals and patient navigators, “added the statement.

All counselors are professionally qualified and trained in privacy and confidentiality to ensure that individuals seeking support get the best possible experience. So far, REACH has been introduced in some hospitals, including the Tata Memorial Center (TMC).

Dr. Rajendra Badwe, TMC Director, “In today’s scenario, it’s time to be employee-centric in addition to patient-centric,” he acknowledged the need for emotional support for healthcare professionals.

echo Of Dr. Badwe Thought, Sindunea, Deputy Nursing Director, Tata Memorial Hospital said: “During the COVID-19 pandemic test, maintaining a balance of physical and mental health to balance work and post-gun pressure was central to the self that many frontliners relied on. In addition to motivation, apps like “REACH” helped healthcare professionals explore their inner self, thereby giving them a boost to move forward. “

According to the statement, REACH worked with the United Nurse Association (UNA) in Maharashtra to provide its members with offerings.

Jibin TC, UNA President, Evaluating the uniqueness of the program, he said: “REACH helps overcome anxiety and workplace stress and improve careers and relationships. As a result of this process, I feel much better at work, add positivity to my work and be professional. And built the confidence to make significant progress in personal relationships.”….

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