B&B Star Katrina Bowden Reveals Happy Reunion with Her Beloved Dog

Good News Notes:

“Last night while visiting friends for the holiday, Puffin escaped the backyard, afraid of the fireworks,” Bowden shared. “Spent hours and hours looking for him to no avail. If anyone knows anyone in the Ventura area who may have information or know anyone in the area, please SHARE this and spread the word.

“I’m devastated,” Bowden added. “Please repost.” The actress added the street where Pippin had last been spotted. While Flo and Sally (Courtney Hope, now on The Young and the Restless) don’t always get along on-screen, they’re supportive pals off. Hope shared in her stories the news of Puffin being missing in the hopes of reaching more people who might be of help.

Both Bowden and Hope later updated followers with the best possible news! “Puffin has been found!!!!!” Bowden shared. “He was three miles away. Thank you everyone for all your reposting.” Bowden’s been known to do happy dances with her dogs and we imagine there was a lot to celebrate in light of this reunion!

It’s almost a year before next year’s 4th of July festivities but here are some tips on what to do for your four-legged love ones the next time fireworks are set to explode or if a thunderstorm is coming….”

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