newly launched ‘leandrop’ brand provides sustainable clothing made from hemp and bamboo

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“formed by three young entrepreneurs concerned about climate change, the ‘leandrop’ fashion brand provides sustainable clothing made from hemp and bamboo. founded between the streets of barcelona and amsterdam, the company has a mission of contributing towards a lean world of fashion everyone is valued and respected, and the environment is treated with dignity. the new blend used for the garment construction helps individuals obtain clothing that is much more sustainable, while it’s also much healthier for the skin compared to traditional fibres such as polyester or cotton.

after many studies and tests, it was decided that the leandrop clothing would be composed of a hemp (55%) and bamboo (45%) blend. according to the brand, a single sweater saves 5000 liters of water, lasts +20 years and is 100% biodegradable. meanwhile, it is super soft, hypo-allergic, ultra-breathable, and it doesn’t develop body odor for up to three days thanks to its antibacterial properties.

‘why are these materials not normally used if they are so good? the answer is simple — the industry is obviously not interested in making clothes that last that long,’ the leandrop founders share. ‘this business is constantly creating new trends and clothes for us to consume non-stop. that would be great except for the fact that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. at leandrop we have developed clothing made exclusively with hemp and bamboo fibers to fight fast fashion,’ they add.…”

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