New recyclable box announced for ‘iconic’ Ferrero Rocher range

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The Ferrero Group says its “new eco-designed boxes” are the result of a partnership between its research and development team and materials experts atMilliken. As part of this collaboration, the companies apparently developed and trialled over 29 different plastic resins.

According to the Ferrero Group, the final design will be made from PP, which it claims is easier to recycle globally. The company adds that the box will maintain its transparency as part of its “iconic” design.

Fabio Mora, global packaging director at the Ferrero Group, says: “Packaging is a complex issue [and] we are committed to working in close collaboration to build a more circular economy through packaging-related strategies, joining forces with governments, manufacturers, suppliers, waste disposal management companies, NGOs and others.

“In this instance, we worked in close partnership with Milliken who brought their innovative and critical thinking to help reduce the environmental impact through the use of a new polypropylene material for the Ferrero Rocher box.”

The company will introduce the new boxes in a phased roll-out around the world, starting from September 2021. The first products to be transitioned, says the Ferrero Group, will be its compact 16- and 30-piece boxes.

The Ferrero Group claims its new design will use 40% less plastic for its 16-piece box and 38% less plastic for its 30-piece box. The company further estimates that it will save approximately 2,000 tonnes of plastic globally in its first year, following its September 2021 roll-out

Both new 16- and 30-piece boxes will have at least a 30% lower carbon footprint, according to the Ferrero Group. It adds that when the new boxes are recycled, this will apparently result in a 70% lower carbon footprint compared to the original boxes.

The company says that it intends to scale up the new designs to the rest of the Ferrero Rocher portfolio over time. When the project is complete, it will allegedly contribute to an estimated 10,000 tonnes less plastic used….”

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