How Afghan Women Refugees In Delhi Are Helping Eliminate Plastic Waste From Their Host City

Good News Notes:

After being forced to flee from their country years ago, women refugees from Afghanistan have made a living for themselves in India’s capital.

In New Delhi, Afghan women refugees are carving a career for themselves working on what our planet needs the most today – fighting plastic pollution.

One such woman is Farah Naz, who fled Taliban in 2012, after she was drenched in kerosene and almost burnt alive, her husband was ordered killed, and her children were threatened with kidnap.

Naz is now a business woman.

“I had no choice but to work, and now I am proud,” said Naz. “I am feeding my family and changing the view of women in my community, but most importantly I am doing a job which is showing that refugees also can do something good.”

Naz is one of five Afghan refugee women who are not onlybattling traditional gender roles by going out to work, but who have also become unlikely warriors in the Indian capital’s fight to curb plastic waste pollution….”

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