Going Green! Jumboking Pioneers Plastic-Free Retail Experience For Customers

Good News Notes:

Jumboking was one of the first quick-service retail businesses that complied with the Maharashtra government’s decision to ban plastic in 2018. Since then, the company has used more than 5 million paper bags. It has the largest chain of homegrown quick-service retailers and aims to transition seamlessly from plastic to paper. The company also aims at banishing paper whenever possible. It plans to further reduce pollution by 10 million plastic bags by 2025.

Complying With SDGs

The Economic Times quoted Dheeraj Gupta, Managing Director of Jumboking, “The post Covid-19 world has lessons for us all. Every possible cost-benefit must be passed on to the customer. At the same time, GOAL 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities and GOAL 12-Responsible Consumption and Production, as outlined by the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs), have to become a part of every brands’ daily practice”.

He further added that the company was embracing the newer and environment-friendly alternatives emerging with open arms. The direction is to make the entire process of delivery and logistics free of single-use plastic.

‘Going Green’: Complete Ban On Single-Use Plastics

In October 2020, the company initiated banning paper bills from the customers. Regardless of what they purchase, every customer would get the link to the e-bill in a message. The initiative has helped a paperless and contactless service to the customers. In all the outlets, the brand uses recyclable oil and grease resistant paper. The ‘going green’ mindset is not limited to reducing paper use and banning single-use plastic; the workers in the food chain use food-grade material that is non-plastic and a health-friendly alternative….”

View the whole story here: https://thelogicalindian.com/amp/responsiblebusiness/jumboking-single-use-plastics-30594

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