San Antonio nonprofit travels to Mexico to bring Haitian migrants much-needed supplies

Good News Notes:

Roughly 500 Haitian migrants, with more expected, are waiting in Acuna, Mexico, directly across from Del Rio, hoping to be granted asylum in the United States.

They are staying in a compound with tents, cots, and blankets sprawled out, with many migrants sleeping on the concert floor. Recent rains have started to flood parts of the shelter, making bad conditions worse.

San Antonio nonprofit Uniting America Outreach made its fifth trip in a little over a week to the border on Friday to take supplies to migrants in Acuna. CFO Josey Garcia says this will be their biggest drop-off yet. They’re taking over six pallets of food, clothes, diapers, and feminine products.

“The majority of the women are pregnant. There are children. These people have been walking for six months on foot from their war-torn countries,” Garcia said.

Uniting America Outreach Executive Director Pharaoh Clark said other nonprofits, like Duable, have been an enormous help. They’ve brought in donations and used social media to share the efforts being made….”

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