Burien Police will transition to all hybrid/electric vehicles

Good News Notes:

As we previously reported, the department started testing new hybrid vehicles in May, 2021.

Police cehicles are transitioned every 4-5 years, and the department is currently taking steps to purchase hybrid/electric vehicles for the entire Burien Police fleet.

“These efforts are consistent with Burien’s Climate Action Plan proposal currently under development and consideration,” City Manager Brian Wilson said. “In addition to environmental benefits, maintenance and operations costs are anticipated to be reduced.”

After a review with Chief Boe, Wilson approved all future Burien Police Interceptors to be built on the Ford Hybrid platform, replacing the conventional engine technology through normal King County vehicle attrition schedules.

“The city of Burien would like to update our fleet of Burien Police Department to better align with Burien’s future interests,” Wilson added. “Specifically, we request that our Ford Interceptor SUV vehicles with traditional engine technology be transitioned to the Ford Interceptor Hybrid platform. This technology has been tested by our patrol officers and has resulted in positive feedback for function and comfort. These vehicles are also consistent with the Burien Climate Action Plan, as they have shown the ability reduce our fuel consumption and the associated environmental damage from their emissions.”…

View the whole story here: https://b-townblog.com/2021/10/04/burien-police-will-transition-to-all-hybrid-electric-vehicles/

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