13-year-old hero saves four younger sisters from house fire in Wisconsin

Good News Notes:

You leave your kids at home to run a quick errand.

You pick up dinner for your family.

Then you get a call that your house is on fire.

That is exactly what happened to the Omar family in Webster, Wisconsin.

13-year-old Briar Omar is being called a hero after saving his four younger sisters from the house fire, pulling them to safety before firefighters arrived.

“So me and my sister smelled smoke and I turned around and the whole playpen was just on fire,” Briar said recounting his experience on “Morning in America”.

“So the first thing I thought of was my sisters,” he said. “I got all of them out of the house.”

Briar was home alone with his four younger sisters: Peyton, 12, Jocelyn, 3, Willow, 1, and Sawyer, who was only six months old.

Brair knew what he had to do and sprang into action….”

View the whole story here: https://www.newsnationnow.com/morninginamerica/briar-omar-wisconsin-hero/

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