Mum ‘lost for words’ by Morrison worker’s act of kindness after food shortages

Good News Notes:

“In a year that has largely been missing uplifting news, one kindhearted supermarket worker managed to cheer us all up by working a little magic.

Her delighted recipient was two-year-old Roman, who suffers from severe allergies and is currently undergoing numerous tests, Lancs Live reports.

As any parent of children with complex allergies will know, it takes a lot of work to keep them safe.

Often shops and restaurants don’t have many suitable items on offer and the fear of accidentally sparking an allergic reaction is always there.

Roman’s allergies include some vegetables, gluten, wheat, soya and many other common ingredients.

Mum Emma Catterall, 33 has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find suitable treats for him, between doctors appointments and tests to find out what is causing his reactions.

So when she found that Morrisons’s sold a ‘free from’ cake that was suitable for her son, that he actually liked, she felt like she’d won the jackpot.

But there was a problem – it was never on the shelves.

At the Morrisons store in Leyland, Emma found herself asking staff worker Mollie Fishwick who quickly came to her aid.

In a bid to help the frazzled mum, Mollie took Emma’s details and promised to call her if the sweet treat was in the next delivery.

And she was over the moon to receive a call on Sunday, October 10, informing her the cakes had been left aside for her to collect.

Not only that – kindhearted Mollie had already purchased them herself as a special treat for Roman.

“When I went to collect them- there were four boxes of the cakes and I said that’s great, how much is it and the lady said, they’ve been paid for,” Emma said.

“I went to find Mollie to pay her back and thank her and she said no, it’s my treat and to see Roman at the time sat in the trolley eating a cake with a big smile on his face, she said that’s all I wanted to see.

“I said to her you’re an angel sent from heaven- to do that and go out of your way for Roman, no one has ever done that….”

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