St. Cloud Woman Plants Flowers to ‘Let Police Know Someone Cares’

Good News Notes:

“The flower beds outside the St. Cloud police station have been a whole lot more beautiful the past two summers thanks to the hard work and passion of one woman.

Kathy Dewes says one day early last year during the civil unrest she made a routine visit to the police station just to pick up some paperwork. While she was there she noticed how weedy the flowers beds were.

After sleeping on it for a night, the next day she called Chief Blair Anderson and asked if she could plant a few flowers to increase the police morale.

Dewes says getting the flowers to plant was the easy part thanks to donations from businesses.

She says the police chief and others who work at the police station showed their appreciation immediately.

This summer Dewes expanded her project getting over $600 worth of flowers donated and she added a few vegetables.

Dewes now tends to 700 square feet of flower beds and put in over 200 hours this year planting, weeding, and keeping them up.

She event got three men to come to help her refinish the benches that overlook the flowers.

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