Vegan Fast Food Chain Opens Its 10th Location

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Plant Power Fast Food is going head to head with the big players in the fast-food space but making a bet on the fact that eating meat-free, dairy-free is the way of the future. The company, based in California, is expanding nationwide, and already has restaurants near colleges like San Diego State University and UCSD and now is opening its 10th location in Los Vegas. This will be its first restaurant outside of California. Earlier this year, the company revealed that it intended to spread across the state of California and eventually to other cities across the US.

The competition for plant-based fast food has recently heated up as McDonald’s announced it’s bringing the McPlant to America after testing it in the UK, and Burger King is planning to expand its plant-based offerings beyond the Impossible Whopper with chicken nuggets from Impossible. Meanwhile, PandaExpress is about to roll out vegan orange chicken from Beyond after the menu item became its most popular new offerings since 1987. AndTaco Bell is testing out its own plant-based meat, which has been met with excitement by its fans.

Plant-Power Fast Food is coming up fast

Plant Power Fast Foodrecently partnered with real estate group Scale x 3 Management to begin franchising its business, allowing for a rapid, large-scale expansion effort. The company aims to bring a fast-food experience without any worries regarding cross-contamination, animal-based ingredients, and substitution. Any plant-based consumer can walk in and eat anything on the menu. The plant-based concept is designed to handle large crowds and quick order times, providing the same experience as any traditional fast food experience.

“Scale x 3 embodies everything we’d hoped for in a franchisee, both in terms of their commitment to the mission and also the experience and infrastructure required to operate a high-volume concept like Plant Power Fast Food,” President and Chief Operating Officer of Plant Power Fast Food Zach Vouga said.

The new Las Vegas storefront – located at 709 W Craig Rd. Suite 120, Las Vegas – opened its doors on October 15, welcoming locals and visitors to its highest-grossing first day in the company’s history, signifying rising popularity among consumers. The company also announced that alongside its nine other locations around California, it will launch its 11th location in Los Angeles.

Plant Power Fast Food fully recognizes and welcomes the introduction of plant-based proteins and ingredients entering the general fast-food sector. However, the company positions itself as a worry-free fast food experience, where consumers can easily order a completely plant-based meal without doubt or fears of cross-contamination.

“We’re grateful to see major chains adding plant-based options to their menus, but there’s no doubt that consumers are seeking out progressive new brands with an authentic commitment to taste and sustainability,” Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Harris said. “The massive growth that we’ve experienced since we started in 2016 is proof that the time is right for a major 100 percent plant-based, cruelty-free, sustainable, and healthier option in the fast-food segment.”

The expansion closely follows the company’s Series A funding round where Plant Power Fast Food secured $7.5 million. The investment round was led by Eat Beyond Global Holdings,Batta Foods, and Helia Capital USA Inc – a subsidiary of Fusion Ventures. The funding round allowed for its location in Las Vegas to launch alongside two other locations in Hollywood and Sacramento. The company announced that the funding round would allow for menu development and further corporate expansion….”

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