‘A no brainer’: Suburban nurses step up to help out overwhelmed restaurant while on work trip

Good News Notes:

Instead of serving their patients, a group of suburban nurses served up some hamburgers to help out a busy restaurant while on a work trip.

The group was from Northwestern’s Central DuPage Hospital and were trying to order dinner in Atlanta while on a trip for the annual Magnet conference.

That’s when they noticed the staff at Wahlburgers were completely overwhelmed — a feeling their know well while working amid the pandemic.

“It was like a no brainer,” nurse Jordyn James said. “You could feel the stress, ‘I’m so sorry we’re doing our best.’”

The group of nurses asked if they could start taking orders to help out the staff.

“She actually brought us like a real waitress pad,” said nurse April Marrs. “I’ve always wanted to like do the tray.”

The nurses said going to the conference in Atlanta was a nice break from the stress of the job.”

View the whole story here: https://wgntv.com/news/a-no-brainer-suburban-nurses-step-up-to-help-out-overwhelmed-restaurant-while-on-work-trip/

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