Nespresso supports American Forests in reforestation projects across the U.S.

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In its latest move to support global conservation and environmentally sustainable business practices, Nespresso is partnering with American Forests to support reforestation efforts of three parks across the U.S. Prioritizing parks and forests in California, Texas, and Hawaii, Nespresso has pledged to plant 100,000 seedlings across over 320 acres of land. While Nespresso has recently hit headlines for its plan to achieve zero emissions by the year 2050, the brand’s agricultural focus dates back nearly 20 years. 

“Protecting the ecosystems that our farmers rely on has been an integral part of our sustainability strategy for decades,” Alfonso Gonzalez Loeschen, CEO of Nespresso North America, said. 

This isn’t the first time parent company Nestlé has turned its attention to the U.S.’s declining forests. Back in 2020, the company pledged that it would plant at least three million trees in key regions of the Americas by 2021. However, the brand behind some of the best coffee makers on the market is taking a big step partnering with the nation’s oldest non-profit conservation organization. 

With Nespresso’s contribution in hand, American Forests plans to reforest the areas of Southern Sierras, California, Rio Grande Valley, Texas, and Hawaii’s dryland forests. These areas have been hit by fire, building development, and other human activities in recent years, threatening local wildlife and delicate ecosystems throughout….”

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