$100+ tips, free school supplies, & more: Why one Wisconsin man is surprising strangers with random acts of kindness

Good News Notes:

“’I’m talking about that 7-year-old that’s volunteering at a homeless shelter. Or that 96-year-old who’s been knitting hats and donating them to good causes her whole life,’ he said.

When Salzwedel sees something, he shares it on Do Good Wisconsin’s social media pages, now 5,000 followers strong. He also commits acts of kindness himself.

“I’ve always shared a lot of the things I do because I want to inspire people to do the same,” he told News 3 Now.

Recently, Salzwedel spent the day hiding money inside random boxes at a Madison-area department store.

“Obviously, we’re never able to see people’s reaction, but man, that would be the coolest thing. Imagine being a new mom or dad, opening up a pack of diapers, and finding $20 inside.”

To date, Do Good Wisconsin has given out tens of thousands of dollars, all raised through Venmo, while the organization is in the process of becoming a licensed non-profit. Salzwedel’s used that money to start a ‘Free Little food pantry’, give $5 gift cards to unsuspecting customers at a local coffeeshop, surprise servers with $100+ tips, and more…..”

View the whole story here: https://www.channel3000.com/100-tips-free-school-supplies-more-why-one-wisconsin-man-is-surprising-strangers-with-random-acts-of-kindness/

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