Everyday Heroes: Pioneer Elementary student makes whole school feel special with kindness

Good News Notes:

A fifth grader from Pioneer Elementary in Vancouver is showing others how one small act of kindness can spread far and wide.

Ivy Young came home from school one day with a very heavy heart. One of her classmates suffered the sudden loss of a loved one. Ivy wanted to do something to make them and her entire class feel better.

She went home and told her mom and dad what had happened in class that day and that she wanted to do something to make everyone feel special.

So she came up with the idea to buy everyone a single red rose and type out a heartfelt note.

Andrew and Courtney Young were happy to support their daughter.

Ivy lost her grandma to cancer in 2017, so she knows what it’s like to lose someone close to you.

When Ivy showed up to school the next day, the kids were thrilled. One classmate said, “It made us all feel like we were cared for and know that someone was as there for us.”

Ivy’s act of kindness spread throughout the classroom and the school. Teacher Vickie McHugh said they cannot stop talking about how this helped them all get through a difficult day….”

View the whole story here: https://katu.com/features/everyday-heroes/everyday-heroes-pioneer-elementary-student-makes-whole-school-feel-special-with-kindness

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