Families in need receive ‘Christmas Miracle’ gifts from Team Johnson

Good News Notes:

Team Johnson, a limo and truck service out of Delta, is once again spreading Christmas miracles.

The team and other small business owners like Mavillino Custom Homes pitched in to offer gifts, trips and more to eight families across northwest Ohio who are in need of a pick-me-up.

Rental assistance, spa days, toys, trips to Disney, jobs and a car are just a few of the things these associates gifted families that were nominated and selected for their Christmas Miracle Event.

“We only had eight nominees and we were able to pull them all off this year. It’s from people being sick to people passing away. It’s really heartbreaking stories that they need a miracle to sort of boost their life,” said Brandon Johnson, president of Team Johnson.

Each month Team Johnson and the participating small businesses put money aside for this Christmas Miracle event.

Families like the Kayla White, mother of five children, get nominated through givetoledo.com and from there, people behind the scenes make the miracles happen.

“They gave me a lot of gift cards, they gave me stuff to Urban Air for the kids, a spa, and I got a title to a car guys this is like awesome,” said White.

Johnson and his team have been doing this for about 10 years now at different foster homes and other locations. He says this is his passion and wants to do it on a permanent basis.

“There’s nothing better. I didn’t even sleep last night because I was like a little kid on Christmas, I could not wait. We work hard for two months on this, and it’s just worth all of it to see these kids excited and those people who are down on their luck getting kicked out of their house. And with all our connections we can get them jobs,” said Johnson….”

View the whole story here: https://nbc24.com/news/local/families-in-need-receive-christmas-miracle

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