A local nonprofit is planning transitional homes in Joplin

Good News Notes:

A nonprofit is getting help from the community to get up and running.

Vita Nova Village is raising funds to build several transitional homes.

“Vita Nova Village was born out of the idea of creating something to provide the next step to homeless people once they were ready to leave the shelters,” said Rhonda Thompson, Co-founder of Vita Nova Village.

Saturday night Vita Nova Village hosted a chili and pie tasting fundraiser at the Joplin Greenhouse and Garden Center.

“Our plan is to provide targeted training and education along with their own private living space their own individual home with no connecting walls. So they can go in and lock their door at night and like we do every night be at home,” said Thompson.

The village will consist of six, one bedroom homes that are 430 square feet.

“It sounds super tiny, but when you walk in one you would be amazed at how spacious they look and how homey they feel,” said Thompson.

Four Joplin residents came up with the idea last fall as a way to help curb the homeless population….”

View the whole story here: https://www.fourstateshomepage.com/news/a-local-nonprofit-is-planning-transitional-homes-in-joplin/

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