A New Carbon Capture Method Turns CO2 Into Solid Carbon ‘In an Instant’

Good News Notes:

A new decarbonization technology developed by RMIT University researchers in Australia instantaneously turns CO2 into solid carbon, a press statement reveals.

The team claims their method is commercially viable and that it could soon be deployed in aid of global efforts to reduce the ongoing effects of the climate crisis.

A ‘radically more efficient’ method

The new method is based on an existing experimental carbon capture technique that utilizes liquid metals as a catalyst. “Our new method still harnesses the power of liquid metals but the design has been modified for smoother integration into standard industrial processes,” explains Associate Professor Torben Daeneke, a co-lead researcher of the project. “As well as being simpler to scale up, the new tech is radically more efficient and can break down CO2 to carbon in an instant,” he continues.

The RMIT team’s technique uses liquid metal heated to between 212-248°F (100-120°C). This heated metal is then injected with CO2 to kickstart the required chemical reaction. The CO2 gas bubbles up to the surface of the liquid metal, leaving flakes of solid carbon behind in a reaction that only takes a second. “We hope this could be a significant new tool in the push towards decarbonization, to help industries and governments deliver on their climate commitments and bring us radically closer to net zero,” Daeneke continues.

“It’s the extraordinary speed of the chemical reaction we have achieved that makes our technology commercially viable, where so many alternative approaches have struggled,” Dr. Ken Chiang, a co-lead researcher, adds….”

View the whole story here: https://interestingengineering.com/a-new-carbon-capture-method-turns-co2-into-solid-carbon-in-an-instant

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