Sweden’s RGNT retro-styled electric motorcycles are coming to America

Good News Notes:

“The Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer RGNT has now opened orders to US riders, finally bringing its retro-styled electric motorcycles stateside.

When we first started covering RGNT over two and a half years ago, the company was a fledgling startup with a neat sketch and a lot of enthusiasm.

As the design changed and evolved over the next several years, the company battled production woes from the COVID-19 pandemic that rattled just about every manufacturing company around the world.

Last September, RGNT finally opened pre-orders for European customers, and now the company has followed with US pre-orders just a few short months later.

On its path to production, the 125 km/h (77 mph) electric motorcycle received a number of component upgrades, such as an improved suspension fork with increased durability and smoother ride characteristics, as well as new Galfer brake rotors.

It also split into two models, the RGNT No. 1 Classic or the RGNT No. 1 Scrambler.

Both of the models share the same drivetrain, with an 11 kW rear hub motor and a 7.7 kWh battery pack. The bike claims a maximum range of 120 km (75 miles), meaning this is largely an urban motorcycle with the ability to do some short highway jaunts.

At 156 kg (343 lb) the bikes aren’t lightweights, but they aren’t as heavy as most flagship electric motorcycles either.

The models include several features found on those fancier and higher-priced e-motos though, such as a seven-inch color display and built-in GPS functionality.

Both the front and rear J. Juan brakes are operated with hand levers, which will likely be an annoyance for older riders and a welcomed feature for younger riders that have gotten into electric motorcycles without having already spent years on gas bikes with clutches…..”

View the whole story here: https://electrek.co/2022/01/24/swedens-stylish-rgnt-retro-themed-electric-motorcycles-now-available-for-order-in-the-us/amp/

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