Modraker mountain bikes to come in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging that’s compact than ever – Yanko Design

Good News Notes:

Mondraker has the laurels of being one of the elite manufacturers of the most lightweight mountain bikes, future-forward electric mountain bikes, and the pinnacle of quality when it comes to hardtrail mountain bikes. The Spain-based brand specializing in making gravity-oriented bikes has been long committed to the school of thought promoting a sustainable world, and now it is their turn to inspire others to do the same. Apparently, Cannondale and VAAST have already gone down this route, with Trek also committed to the plastic-free goal by 2024.

To play their part in the bigger scheme of things to safeguard our planet earth, Mondraker has introduced their 100 percent plastic-free and 100 percent recyclable initiative. The MTB pro has introduced the industry first, completely recyclable cardboard packaging and other associated components for all its mountain bikes. The bicycle industry which on one side addresses green travel living with its zero-emission characteristics is juxtaposed on the flip side as a contributor to plastic and other toxic wastes in the form of packaging.

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