New invention looks to help first responders save lives

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A tragedy became motivation for a pair of paramedics from Middle Tennessee.

The best friends saw a need and developed a light system that helps guide first responders to hard-to-find locations.

It all started several years ago, when Johnathan Harrison was called to help a toddler who couldn’t breathe.

“A two-year old child that they couldn’t find the address,” said Danny Cupples, Harrison’s best friend and a 33-year critical care paramedic. “They searched and searched. They see this row of mailboxes with the right number but they couldn’t find the right house and when they did, it was too late. He said that really ate at him.”

Danny Cupples has been a paramedic for over three decades, so he knows what it’s like to race against the clock in a moment of emergency.

He says there is no time for error in getting to the right location.

“One of the biggest concerns we’ve had over that 33 years of my career is finding people,” Cupples explaind. “You would think today with a GPS, especially we have on our phone and on the computer that we could get right to you, but we can’t.”

That’s why Danny and his best friend Johnathan, a retired paramedic who now lives in Tulsa, came up with this solution – a flashing light that you can turn on after calling 911….”

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