WATCH: Firefighters Rescue Dog That Fell Into the Bay at Miami Beach

Good News Notes:

Firefighters saved the day in Miami Beach on Tuesday by rescuing a dog that had accidentally fallen into the bay.

The Miami Beach Fire Department shared a video of the rescue on its Facebook page showing firefighters Santis and Escudero teaming up to bring the water-logged pup to safety.

According to the department, Fire Rescue Truck 22 and Engine 2 responded to the scene after receiving a report that a dog had tumbled into the water while playing with its owner at a nearby dog park.

“We’re so happy to have been able to help,” the Miami Fire Department wrote on Facebook alongside the heartwarming video.

In the clip, a firefighter lowers himself into the water on a roof ladder perched on the seawall just a few feet away from the dog in distress.

The firefighter enters the thigh-deep water and manages to grab the dog’s harness before hoisting her on his shoulder. The dog begins to wriggle as the second firefighter makes his way down the ladder to spot the first as he carries the canine up…..”

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