Aldi makes own-label Easter egg range plastic-free

Good News Notes:

Aldi has made its entire own-label Easter egg range plastic-free, using redesigned boxes with cellulose film for windows.

The new boxes eliminate the need for inner plastic packaging by using cardboard to support the egg instead. It’s a new approach for Aldi since last year, when it launched ‘geometric eggs’ with a flat bottom, so they could stand up without plastic to support them.

This year, Aldi has made nine Easter lines plastic-free, in a move it says will save 24 tonnes of the material.

It has also separately added 10 new plastic-free lines to its Easter confectionery range, including a Popcorn Egg and Ice Cream Egg.

It means all Aldi own-label Easter confectionery packaging is now fully recyclable, thanks to other innovations such as swapping plastic blister packs for cardboard boxes.

“We know our customers are passionate about the environment, and these changes to our Easter range are a great example of how we are helping them eliminate unnecessary plastic,” said Richard Gorman, Aldi UK plastics and packaging director….”

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